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Beijing PERIC Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd is established in 2013 based on the PERIC Institute of CSSC and corporates with domestic famous universities and research institutes, one high and new technology enterprise in which engaged hydrogen energy technology research and development. It has a high professional team which has participated in many items of national “863” hi-tech research and development program and international hydrogen demonstration projects.

The company provides overall hydrogen system solutions, and focus on the fields of hydrogen infrastructure, onboard hydrogen storage system, electrolytic water hydrogen generation equipment and renewable energy conversion & application. The company establishes design, assembly and integration base in Handan and Tianjin, and one business office in Chengdu.

The company serves as the solution provider of hydrogen commercial application products, with the spirit of 'innovation, high efficiency, rigorous, realistic', aims to promote the development of hydrogen energy in China and the world. Peric Hydrogen promises to provide high quality products and full range of service for the customers through excellent products and advanced technology. Peric Hydrogen looks forward to cooperation with you.

Hydrogen will light our future life.

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