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As subsidiaries of CSSC, relying on its powerful support, Beijing Peric Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd has participated in many national and local hydrogen research and demonstration projects with series of achievements.  

1. 2018, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commision“Project of Research on Hydrogen Storage Technology Using Liquide Organic Hydrides”.

2. 2017, China National Hi-tech Project of” Research of FCV Demonstration Maintain System in Middle China”.

3. 2016, Developed Containerized Skid Hydrogen Refueling Station.

4. 2013, Development and Demonstration Project of Wind Power Coupling Hydrogen Storage Fuel Cell Power Generation Flexible Micro Grid System.

5. 2011, China National Hi-tech Project of “Research of Key Technologies for Hydrogen Generator and Storage Cylinder ” in 2011

6. 2010, Draft national code of GB50516-2010 《Technical Code for Hydrogen Station》

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