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Beijing PERIC Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd is half held by the Purification Equipment Research Institute of CSSC. We are well experienced in hydrogen energy. We have been involved in national and provincial scientific research projects and have obtained more than 30 national patents and 3 software copyrights, include:

1、In 2023, we lead the writing of the Zhongguancun Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Industry Alliance group standard T/ZHFCA 1004-2023 "Safety Technical Regulations for Skid-mounted and integrated Water-electrolyzed Hydrogen Generation, Storage and Fueling Equipment"

2、In 2023,we lead projects such as key core technologies of Zhongguancun Science City,Special Project of "揭榜挂帅(jiē bǎng guà shuài)","Key equipment research and development project for hydrogen refueling infrastructure supporting large-scale commercial green hydrogen operation";

3、In 2021, we lead the writing of the group standard TCCGA 40008-2021 "Safety Technical Specification for Vehicle Hydrogen Systems" by the China Industrial Gas Industry Association

4、 In 2020,we lead the project Ionic liquid compressor development.

5、In 2019, we participated in the "Key Technology Research on Hydrogen Fuel Powered Ships" project of the "High tech Ship Research Project" of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

6、In 2018,we participated in Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission's "Future Science City Construction - Energy Technology Collaborative Innovation Special Project - Research on Efficient Reversible Liquid Organic Hydrogen Storage Technology Based on Non precious Metal Catalysts" project

7、In 2017,we participated in Research on the Demonstration and Operation Support System of Fuel Cell City Buses in the Central Plains Region under the National Key Research and Development Program "New Energy Vehicles" Special Project "Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Project"

8、In 2016, a highly integrated high-pressure hydrogen refueling equipment for container loading was developed

9、In 2013, National "863" Program "Development and Demonstration Project of Flexible Microgrid System for Wind Power Coupled Hydrogen Storage Fuel Cell Power Generation

10、In 2011, National "863" Program Project "Research and Development of Efficient and Low Cost Hydrogen Production Technology and Hydrogen Storage Devices"

11、In 2011,we participated in the written of the national standard GB50516-2010 "Technical Specification for Hydrogen Refueling Stations"

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