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Beijing Peric Hydrogen Company provides all kinds of onboard hydrogen storage systems for fuel cell vehicles.
Published: 2016 - 06 - 22
In 2004, the small wind swept island of Utsira, Norway, became home to the world’s first, full-scale combined wind power and hydrogen plant.By developing and testing a full-scale, wind-hydrogen energy system, this project aimed to demonstrate how renewable energy can provide a safe, continuous, and efficient energy supply to remote areas.The success of the Utsira project in demonstrating the feasibility of combining renewable energy and hydrogen in remote locations opens new opportunities for the application of electrolysers in future energy systems.The electrolyzer which is applied in th...
Published: 2004 - 07 - 12
1.Hamburg Hydrogen StationIn 2003,PERIC provided electrolyzer respectively for hydrogen station which locates in Hamburg, Germany. It is the second time for PERIC’s products to be applied in hydrogen station. All the technical parameters and specifications meet the requirements of stations perfectly.The technical parameters of hydrogen generation system of Hamburg station are as follows:ItemParametersH2  Output(Nm3/h)60Power(kW, AC)400DC Power Consumption (kWh/Nm3)≤4.8Lye (% KOH)30Pressure of H2 Outlet(bar)12Dimension of Container(L×W×H, m)7.7×2.5×4.3 &#...
Published: 2005 - 04 - 11
It is from one of the national high-tech projects by Most of China. The first skid containerized 50Nm3/hH2 hydrogen generator system is developed to provide hydrogen supply for fuel cell buses developed and drilled by Tsinghua University, and finish demonstration at the Beijing Hydrogen Station, China.The technical parameters of containerized 50Nm3/h hydrogen generator system are as belowModel ItemsKZDQ-50/1.5H2 Output  Nm3/h50H2  Purity  %≥99.999Water Content in H2(Dew point)  ℃≤-70Oxygen Content in H2   ppm≤1Working Pressure...
Published: 2018 - 05 - 29
In 2010, our department worked with foreign companies to cooperate with wind energy hydrogen production project to develop a 1.5 Nm3/h small box type electrolytic water hydrogen production device, which was used in the experimental research of the related renewable energy generation hydrogen production in the National Laboratory.
Published: 2010 - 04 - 09
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