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PERIC provided electrolyzer for hydrogen power station in Utsira, Norway

Date: 2004-07-12
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In 2004, the small wind swept island of Utsira, Norway, became home to the world’s first, full-scale combined wind power and hydrogen plant.

By developing and testing a full-scale, wind-hydrogen energy system, this project aimed to demonstrate how renewable energy can provide a safe, continuous, and efficient energy supply to remote areas.

The success of the Utsira project in demonstrating the feasibility of combining renewable energy and hydrogen in remote locations opens new opportunities for the application of electrolysers in future energy systems.

The electrolyzer which is applied in this hydrogen station was manufactured by PERIC of CSIC.

Project facts of Utsira power station

Main Components

Technical Parameters

Wind Turbine


Master Synchronous Machine

H2 Engine

Fuel Cell


H2 Storage Capacity




55kW (最大载荷)





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