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JobsTechnical Department Engineer
Published: 2018-05-31

Post duties:

1. responsible for the electrical part of the company.

2. compile company project plan, project plan, draw up project design blueprint;

3. track the project progress of the company;

4. participate in the company's product design and project selection.

5. is responsible for the company's product performance improvement and optimization.

6. to compile technical documents of other related products of the company;

7. other tasks assigned by the superior.

Job description:

1. familiar with the load characteristics and control of fans, pumps and solenoid valves;

2. familiar with PC and configuration software, familiar with various communication modes;

3. familiar with various PLC controllers, and can develop related software.

4. master programming languages such as C language programming.

5. master 2D and 3D drawing software, and draw 2D and 3D drawings.

Requirements for office:

1.Below 1.30 years old, bachelor degree or above, CET-4, automotive automation, automatic control, electrical automation and other related majors.

2. 3-5 years working experience in manufacturing industry. For those who have comprehensive quality, the requirements of work experience can be relaxed.

3. good English communication skills, able to access professional English materials and proficient in office software.

4. good teamwork, initiative and conscientious work.

5. rigorous, dependable, responsible and capable of learning, communicating, organizing and coordinating.

JobsAutomation and System Integration Engineer
Published: 2018-05-31

Post duties:

1. responsible for the development and integration design of products, systems and related software according to actual project needs.

2. responsible for system integration, installation, commissioning, training, acceptance and after sale.

3. responsible for the preparation of various technical documents, such as project proposals, manuals, process manuals, etc.

4. responsible for product test or trial run, supervise and cooperate with manufacturers for product processing, inspection and acceptance.

5. responsible for project quality, cost, safety, progress and other elements management;

6. participate in customer communication and provide special technical training to customers.

7. complete the tasks arranged by other companies.

Requirements for office:

1. bachelor degree or above, major in computer software or automation, preferably in industrial control or automation field.

2. familiar with automatic control system and instrument selection.

3. familiar with all kinds of PLC programming, DCS programming and configuration software;

4. strong planning, communication, organization and coordination ability, strong execution and good team spirit;

5.More than 3 years experience in automation or information design, installation and commissioning.

6. proficient in the use of office and related graphics software;

7. high sense of responsibility, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, have good learning ability, and be able to adapt to frequent business trips.

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