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Beijing PERIC Hydrogen Company powered Beijing Green Winter Olympics

Date: 2022-01-27
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The Green Winter Olympics is one of the themes of the Beijing Winter Olympics, which will use new energy vehicles on a large scale, including more than 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and the hydrogen fuel used by the vehicles is all green hydrogen produced by renewable energy sources such as wind power. Hydrogen energy will become one of the protagonists of the green energy application of the Winter Olympic Games, not only the final realization of green and low-carbon Olympics, but also a comprehensive test of China's hydrogen energy industry chain of major breakthroughs and development achievements.


Hydrogen energy is one of the important measures to achieve the goal of "dual carbon goals". Beijing Peric Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD will continue to uphold the rigorous and realistic military spirit of Purification Equipment Research Institute of CSSC, and carry out technological research in the fields of renewable energy conversion and utilization, hydrogen production and hydrogen fueling integration equipment, hydrogen energy infrastructure equipment, and on-board high-pressure hydrogen storage and supply system. Create a variety of high-quality products covering the front-end industrial chain of hydrogen energy to serve our customers, vigorously promote the application of hydrogen energy in various industries, and help the country achieve the goal of reaching the peak of carbon neutrality.


At present, whether it is the security site of Zhangjiakou Wanquan Oil hydrogen and electricity comprehensive energy station, or the fuel cell vehicle operation site of Zhangjiakou Chongli Winter Olympic Games in the snow, the staff of Beijing Peric Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD are busy, they are not afraid of the cold, with high fighting spirit and rigorous and efficient service to contribute hydrogen energy to the realization of green Winter Olympics and science and technology Winter Olympics.


   Let hydrogen light up the future!


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