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Renewable Energy Storage

Date: 2014-07-01
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PERIC Hydrogen provides renewable energy storage system solutions (RES). It has the leading edge technology and experience to calculate the viability of hydrogen energy storage for your need.

Hydrogen is recognized as a part of the technology portfolio for energy storage which is showing a very high market potential for the coming years.


Storage reduces the need for peak capacity and enables RES-E integration during off-peak hours. In order to achieve an efficient integration of storage it is necessary a smart management of these charges. Storing during off-peaks with smart management:

• Higher efficiency in the system

• Higher integration of renewable energies

• Higher flexibility of the system


PERIC Hydrogen’s electrolysis system provides a flexible and responsive controllable load for distribution across grids. It can provide this service of matching the intermittent up & down of wind and solar while generating hydrogen for uses.


PERIC Hydrogen' expertise as a world leading supplier of water electrolysis hydrogen energy systems will help you make renewable energy workable and your sustainability initiatives successful.

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