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HCNG Gas Station and Vehicle

Date: 2014-07-01
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PERIC Hydrogen provides CNG blending hydrogen (HCNG) system solutions of gas station. In addition, it also provides vehicle mounted HCNG supply system.

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2018 - 07 - 04
Beijing Peric Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd., aiming at various demand occasions such as renewable energy conversion, backup power supply and hydrogen transport demonstration, can provide overall solutions for hydrogen energy supply system including on-site hydrogen production, high pressure hydrogen transport, storage and filling services to meet customer needs.
2014 - 07 - 01
PERIC Hydrogen provides renewable energy storage system solutions (RES). It has the leading edge technology and experience to calculate the viability of hydrogen energy storage for your need.Hydrogen is recognized as a part of the technology portfolio for energy storage which is showing a very high market potential for the coming years. Storage reduces the need f...
2018 - 07 - 04
Beijing Peric Hydrogen Technologies Co., Ltd. provides the overall solution for the hydrogen gas supply system needed in the laboratory, including the hydrogen control panel, hydrogen confluence discharge and hydrogen control terminal, etc.
2014 - 07 - 01
PERIC Hydrogen provides renewable energy Power-to-Gas solutions.A Power-to-Gas solution brings new economic and technology flexibility between the traditional energy silos of power grids, CNG gas pipelines and transport. It is one of the world's most innovative way to store and transport energy.Power-to-Gas is the process involving the use of e...
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