Job application
JobsFinancial and Comprehensive Director
Published: 2018-05-31

Post requirements:

1. responsible for the financial management of the company

1) the construction of enterprise financial system

2) financial planning and planning

3) cash cashier management

4) daily accounting

5) financial analysis and report

6) financial audit

7) tax planning

2. responsible for the personnel management of the company

3. responsible for the administration of the company

4. complete other routine work assigned by superior.

Requirements for office:

1. having comprehensive financial knowledge, accounting and financial management experience, with an accountant or CPA Title preferred;

2. excellent statistical and financial analysis skills, able to identify and solve problems from relevant data;

3. proficient in national financial and tax laws and regulations, with excellent professional judgement ability and rich experience in accounting and project analysis.

4. familiar with national accounting standards and related financial, tax, auditing regulations and policies;

5. proficient in the use of financial software and office software;

6. responsible, honest and integrity, diligent and dedicated, rigorous style, meticulous and cheerful, with good professionalism;

7.211 bachelor degree or above in finance and economics, female, more than three years of financial work experience, English level six;

8. at the same time, experience in human resources and import and export trade is preferred.

JobsDrawing clerk
Published: 2018-05-31

Post duties:

1. assisting engineers in drafting project designs and preliminary designs.

2. cooperate with the engineer to prepare drawings for technical report and tendering plan.

3. assist engineers in drawing, drawing and drawing.

4. complete the other work done by the company.

Requirements for office:

1. proficient in the use of solid works\CAD and other drawing tools;

2. proficient in the use of office office software;

3. understand the system design process, such as programming, preliminary design, deepening design and other process work.

4. adapt to business travel

Priority conditions:

1.Intermediate Certificate in automation, mechatronics or related field is preferred.

2.Our company can provide a wealth of experience in projects, employees enjoy good welfare benefits, and sincerely invite people with lofty ideals to join us.

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